Is it possible to mesh a model with a combination of solids shells and beam elements in Solidworks simulation?

What is a shell mesh?

The Shell Definition PropertyManager is used to define the thickness of thin and thick shell elements. You can also define a shell as a composite for static, frequency, and buckling studies. Offsets for Shells. You can control the position of the shell mesh to the top, middle, or bottom faces of the shell.

What are the disadvantages of shell structures?

The disadvantage of shell structure is their cost. The shell structure is more expensive due to considerable labour required to construct the centering on which the shell is cast.

What is the difference between solid and shell?

A solid model is the standard solid element where the material is represented throughout the component/structure. A shell is hollow on the inside and models the outer “shell”. Shells are a mathematical simplification of solids of special shape.

How accurate is solidworks simulation?

Developers of finite element analysis (FEA) software often tout the accuracy of their results as being superior to those of their competitors. SOLIDWORKS Simulation results generally fall within 1 percent of industry benchmarks.

What does convert to mesh body do in SolidWorks?

After you convert the first body to a mesh BREP body with facets of a certain size, you could convert the second standard SOLIDWORKS BREP body to a mesh BREP body, and adjust the mesh refinement, so that the mesh size of the second converted body is close to the mesh size of the first.

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