How do you use symmetry constraints in Freecad?

What is use of symmetric constraint?

The Symmetry constraint command enables you to constrain two sets of entities in a 2D profile so that they are symmetric to each other with respect to a symmetry axis. The Symmetry constraint requires that the entities be input as 3 groups — First Group, Second Group and the Axis Line.

What is the use of symmetric constraint in design modular?

The Symmetrical Constraint constrains two selected points to be symmetrical around a given line, i.e., both selected points are constrained to lie on a normal to the line through both points and are constrained to be equidistant from the line.

How do you use symmetry constraints in Creo?

Use Home > Constraints > Symmetry in the Structure or Thermal module of native mode to create a cyclic or mirror symmetry constraint. This command is not available in FEM mode. When you select this command, the Symmetry Constraint dialog box opens with the below items: Name—The name of the constraint.

What is use of coincident constraint *?

Use Coincident Constraint to constrain points to other geometries in 2D and 3D sketches. … Click the geometry to which the point is constrained. Continue to place coincident constraints, or do one of the following to quit: Right-click, and select Done.

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How do you show symmetry in CFD post?

With CFD-Post loaded, click File > Load State and select the . cst file. Right click in the graphics menu, and click Reflect/Mirror. Post asks “Which direction do you want the normal in?” Click the axis desired for mirroring the geometry.

What is a datum line in Freecad?

In FreeCAD the word “Datum” is normally used to refer to auxiliary geometry in the PartDesign Workbench. These geometrical elements will not form part of the final Shape of the Body, but can be used as references and supports for sketches and other types of features.