How do you select multiple faces in Sketchup?

Can you pull multiple faces in Sketchup?

Is there a way to offset a bunch of faces at once? We select all teh faces we want to extrude, go to Plugins –> Multiple Push Pull (after installing the Plugin of course). … The result will be all the faces extruded the same distance.

How do you select all faces in Sketchup?

In addition to single clicking to select single objects, you can also double click to select a face and all of its edges, or you can triple click to select all faces and edges in the current object you have selected. Finally, you can also select groups and components in the outliner by clicking on them.

How do you group faces in Sketchup?

Grouping Entities

  1. With the Select tool ( ), select all the entities you want to include in your group.
  2. Select Edit > Group from the menu bar. Or context-click the selection and choose Group from the menu that appears. Everything in the selection becomes grouped within a bounding box.
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What is the uses of pull push rule?

A push pull rule is a measuring tape that coils into a compact case. It is used for measuring long, short, straight lengths.

How do you select everything on a layer in Sketchup?

Select an Object on the required Layer. Right-click and in the Context-Menu near the top is Select… Pop this out and there’ Select all on Same Layer… All active Objects on that Layer are Selected.

How do you select multiple edges in Sketchup?

To select more than one thing, hold down the Shift key while you click all the things you want to select. The Shift key works both ways when it comes to the Select tool. You can use it to add to your set of selected objects, but you can also use it to subtract an object from your selection.

What happens when you triple-click a face in Sketchup?

Double-clicking an edge gives you that edge plus all the faces that are connected to it. When you triple-click an edge or a face, you select the whole conglomeration that it’s a part of.

Why is push pull not working Sketchup?

This typically occurs when the objects to be extruded are apart of a Component or Group. If your object is in a Group/Component, you cannot Push/Pull it as one Group/Component. However, you can double-click the Group/Component to edit it, then select a surface to push/pull.

How do I select similar in Sketchup?

Select Instances: Perhaps you have 15 instances (copies) of the same component in your model and you want to select them all. Just make sure that you’re viewing your In Model library, and then right-click the component (in the Components dialog box) of your desire. Choose Select Instances, and your work is done.

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How do you group things together?

To group objects:

  1. Hold the Shift (or Ctrl) key and click the objects you want to group.
  2. Click the Group command on the Format tab, then select Group.
  3. The selected objects will now be grouped.

How do you make a group of faces?

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