How do you select a transparent part in Solidworks?

How do I select a part in Solidworks?

You can select a sub-assembly in the graphics area by right-clicking one of its components and choosing Select Sub Assembly. If the component is in a nested sub-assembly, a list displays the hierarchy. Move the pointer over the list to highlight the various sub-assemblies, then click the one you want.

How do you make a transparent part in Solidworks 2019?

To change the transparency, right-click the assembly and click Top Level Transparency on the context toolbar. For components that are transparent when you change the assembly to transparent: If you do not change the transparency of the component, the component remains transparent when you change the assembly to opaque.

How do you clear a part in SolidWorks?

Changing the Transparency of an Assembly Component

Click or right-click the component, and select Change Transparency . The active display state. Select the component, then click Change Transparency (Assembly toolbar).

How do I make something not transparent in SolidWorks?

Be sure to select all faces. From here, right-click and choose Change Transparency under the Faces category of the shortcut menu. It is likely that all faces of the model will become transparent.

How do you turn off transparent on shape?

Directly under the grid of colors, there is a slider with an “A” next to it. This slider adjusts the transparency of the part.

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How do you make transparent plastic?

One way to make transparent or translucent plastic at home is to use a plastic casting resin mix. These come in two parts, the resin and a hardener. When mixed together they form a hard, rigid plastic. Casting resins are usually clear and colorless, but you can color them using suitable dyes.