How do you get out of sketch mode in Solidworks?

How do I switch between sketches in SOLIDWORKS?

Ctrl+Tab. This shortcut is used to switch between open documents inside of SOLIDWORKS and works with drawings, assemblies and parts.

How do you fix an open sketch in SOLIDWORKS?

Click Tools > Sketch Tools > Repair Sketch. Repair Sketch deletes these from the sketch. Repair Sketch merges these into a single entity.

What is sketch mode?

Sketch mode is a tool within Kumu that helps you build a map by hand quickly. It allows you to quickly create new elements with a single click, draw connections between them, and make minor adjustments to your map.

Does SOLIDWORKS have keyboard shortcuts?

With SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts, you’ll be able to launch commands quickly instead of wasting time searching for them in the toolbar. Plus, you can create custom shortcuts based on the commands and features you use most frequently.

Can you change the sketch plane in SOLIDWORKS?

Changes the sketch plane. To change the plane of a sketch: … Right-click the sketch in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Edit Sketch Plane . Select a new plane in the FeatureManager design tree or select a new planar face in the model for Sketch Plane/Face .


Can a open sketch be extruded in Solidworks?

If you do not select a starting point, or if you select a point in the edited sketch, the plane of the sketch is considered to be the starting point. Click Extrude (2D to 3D toolbar), or click Tools > Sketch Tools > 2D to 3D > Extrude, and click in the graphics area to establish the direction of the extrusion.

What is over defined in Solidworks?

Potential Reasons for These Error Messages

Dimensions or relations are in conflict or are redundant. When you insert dimensions, they are assumed to be driving dimensions. To have two dimensions driving the same geometry is invalid. Over Defined Dimension Example.

When you start a new sketch what sketch types do you select from?

Getting Started

A sketch is almost always the first step in designing a new part. To begin, create a new part and select your desired template. Once the user interface is visible, click the Sketch tab of the CommandManager and select the Sketch icon on the left-hand side.

What are solidworks shortcut keys?


  • Ctrl + O for File, Open.
  • Ctrl + S for File, Save.
  • Ctrl + Z for Edit, Undo.
  • Ctrl + C for Copy.
  • Ctrl + V for Paste.
  • Alt + specified values Inserts standard Windows symbols: Alt + 0176. Inserts a degree º symbol. Alt + 0216. Inserts a diameter Ø symbol. Alt + 0181. Inserts a µ symbol.

Is there a shortcut for smart dimension in Solidworks?

Shift + click Snaps a dimension to the max or min location when dimensioning arcs and circles with the Smart Dimension tool.

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What does Ctrl Z do in Solidworks?

Reverses recent changes you have made, when possible. Click Undo (Standard toolbar) or Edit > Undo, or press Ctrl+Z.