How do you get features in Solidworks?

How do you add features in Solidworks?

Smart Feature Insert PropertyManager

  1. Click Insert Smart Features , which appears over the component in the graphics area.
  2. In the graphics area, right-click the component and select Insert Smart Features.
  3. Select the component, then click Insert > Smart Features.

How do I open the feature properties in Solidworks?

To access the Feature Properties dialog box, in the FeatureManager design tree, right-click a feature and select Feature Properties. The name of the feature. To change the name, select it and enter a new name. Click OK.

What are the features in Solidworks?

Key Features of SOLIDWORKS Standard Include

  • 3D Solid Modeling. Create and edit 3D part and assembly models and create 2D drawings that automatically update with design changes. …
  • Weldments. Quickly design welded structures composed of structural members, plates and gussets. …
  • 2D Drawings.

Where is the Features toolbar in Solidworks?

To display SOLIDWORKS toolbars:

  • Right-click in the window border and select or clear a toolbar name.
  • Click Tools > Customize. On the Toolbars tab, select the toolbars to display.

How do you hide a feature tree in SOLIDWORKS?

To change these settings, you can display the FeatureManager Options by right-clicking in the FeatureManager design tree and selecting Hide/Show Tree Items.

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Where is feature manager in SOLIDWORKS?

The FeatureManager design tree on the left side of the SOLIDWORKS window provides an outline view of the active part, assembly, or drawing. This makes it easy to see how the model or assembly was constructed or to examine the various sheets and views in a drawing.

Can you change feature properties in SOLIDWORKS?

Editing Feature Properties

To edit feature properties: In the FeatureManager design tree or in the graphics area, select one or more features, then click Edit > Properties or right-click the features and select Feature Properties.

How do I save a custom property in SOLIDWORKS?

In SOLIDWORKS, select: Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations > Custom Property Files. 9. Create a new or open an existing SOLIDWORKS file and start saving time by entering Custom Property values in the Task Pane like a pro.

How do I change properties in SOLIDWORKS?

To change a document property:

  1. In the Document Information dialog box, or in SOLIDWORKS Explorer, select the Properties tab.
  2. Right-click a property and select Change. You cannot change properties such as Revision or Status that are controlled by Workgroup PDM processes.
  3. Edit the text in the Value box and click OK.