How do you cut an object in half in blender?

What does Ctrl J do in blender?

CTRL-J. Join Objects. All selected Objects of the same type are added to the active Object.

How do I fix active object is not a selected mesh?

Just hit Ctrl J again and you are done. There might be an easier way but this worked for me. Click on first object. then hold Shift and select the other object you want to join., then right click and hit Join.

How do you use Boolean?

Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you are in object mode.
  2. Select the object that will hold the modifier stack.
  3. Add a boolean modifier to the stack.
  4. Change the operation to union.
  5. Press the eyedropper and click the object to use with the boolean modifier.
  6. Repeat the last three steps for each object you want to union.
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