How do you cut a cross section in Catia?

How do I cut a section in Catia?

Creating 3D Section Cuts

  1. Select Insert > Sectioning from the menu bar, or click Sectioning in the DMU Space Analysis toolbar and create a section plane. …
  2. In the Definition tab, click Volume Cut to obtain a section cut:

How do I Section A section in Catia?

In the Assembly Design workbench, select one part, then the Edit > Properties command from the menu bar from and either activate or de-activate the Cut in section views option.

How do I create a section view in Catia v5?

Creating a Section View

  1. Click the Drawing window, and click the Offset Section View icon. from the Views toolbar (Sections subtoolbar).
  2. Select the holes and points required for sketching the callout on the view. …
  3. Double-click to end the cutting profile creation.

How do I use dynamic sectioning in Catia?

To create a section plane, you need to click Dynamic Sectioning in the Dynamic Sectioning toolbar. The section plane is automatically displayed. The center of the plane is located at the origin of the local axis system relative to the part. A section plane has limits and its own local axis system.

How do I see the cross section in Catia?

To gain access to the Sectioning tool, CATIA users will need to add the Sectioning tool into their 3DCS workbench. With a model open, start the Sectioning tool. The Sectioning Definition will appear. In the Positioning tab, the user can specify the section plane direction in either X, Y, Z directions.

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How do you move a section view in Catia?

Go to Tools > Options > Mechanical Design > Drafting > General tab and in the View axis area, clear the Display in the current view check box. Right-click the view that you want to re-position, the unfolded view for example. A contextual menu is displayed. Select View Positioning > Align Views Using Elements .