How do you create a new document in Solidworks?

Where is the new Solidworks Document dialog box?

To access the Options dialog box, do one of the following: Click Options on the Menu Bar toolbar, or Tools > Options. The Options dialog box appears with the System Options tab active. Right-click in the FeatureManager design tree area and select Document Properties.

When you start a new Solidworks document what is the choice of standard templates?

If you open a new document when in a SOLIDWORKS tutorial, a tutorial template is used. The tutorial template uses the appropriate units, view orientations, and so on, for the tutorial lesson.

How do I create a template in Solidworks 2019?

To create a template:

  1. Click New (Standard toolbar) or File > New.
  2. Double-click the type of template that you want to create: Part, Assembly, or Drawing.
  3. Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options.
  4. On the Document Properties tab, select options to customize your new document template, then click OK. …
  5. Optional.

What are the name of the three template documents in Solidworks?

As you can see in Figure 3, a template has been created for both inches (INCH) and millimeters (MM) for each of the three file types (Part, Assembly and Drawing). By setting up our templates in inches and millimeters we can save a lot of time.

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Where is the sheet format Size dialog box in Solidworks?

Sheet Format/Size

  1. Open a new drawing.
  2. Add a new sheet and Tool > System Options > Drawings > Show sheet format dialog when adding new sheet is selected.

Where is the Templates tab in Solidworks?

In the SOLIDWORKS software, click Options or Tools > Options. On the System Options tab, select File Locations. In Show folders for, select Document Templates.

What scale can you use when you create a drawing view?

A sheet scale is a standard scale value for drawing views placed on the working sheet. Typically, the sheet scale is indicated in the drawing border title block. When you place a drawing view on the same sheet using a different scale, you can note the exception scale value in a drawing view caption.

How do I import a template into Solidworks?

Default Templates Options

  1. Click Options. or Tools > Options.
  2. Select Default Templates.
  3. Click the appropriate browse button (Parts, Assemblies, or Drawings).
  4. In the New SOLIDWORKS Document dialog box, select the template you prepared and click OK.
  5. Select: Always use these default document templates. …
  6. Click OK.

What are templates in Solidworks?

Templates are part, drawing, and assembly documents that include user-defined parameters and are the basis for new documents. You can maintain many different document templates. For example, you can create: A document template using millimeters and another template using inches.