How do you annotate contour lines in AutoCAD?

How do I edit contour lines in AutoCAD?

Edit any contour that you have defined by selecting it in the drawing.

  1. Select the contour graphically or by using an AutoCAD command, such as PEDIT or CHANGE.
  2. Perform the edit to the contour. …
  3. Rebuild the surface to update the contour definition by right-clicking the surface in the Prospector tree and clicking Rebuild.

How do you add elevation to contour lines?


  1. Use the Topo To Raster tool to convert the topographic contour line feature class to a raster. …
  2. Use the Add Surface Information tool to add the elevation values from the raster to the line attribute table. …
  3. Use the Interpolate Shape tool to add the elevation values as z-values to the line feature class.

How do you turn off contour labels in Civil 3d?

To change the settings, right click on Surface under the settings tab and choose Edit Feature Settings… In the dialog box, expand out Contour Labeling Defaults and change the value of Display Contour Label Line to false.

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How do you edit contour lines?

Select the contour graphically or by using an AutoCAD command, such as PEDIT or PROPERTIES. Perform the edit to the contour. You can insert, move, and delete contour vertices, as well as redefine the elevation at a selected vertex.

How do you clean up contours in Civil 3D?


  1. Draw a polyline boundary around the area to smooth.
  2. In Prospector, expand the desired surface name, and then expand the Definition.
  3. Right-click Edit. …
  4. Verify that Natural Neighbor Interpolation is selected as the Smoothing Methods option.

How do you cut everything outside of a box in Autocad?

Go to Solution. Map > tools > Boundary Trim. A dialog box will open allowing you to pick a closed polyline, decide to trim inside or outside, and what to do with the remaining objects left outside the trim area. Very quick and easy.

What is a data clip boundary Civil 3D?

You can apply a Data Clip boundary to surfaces created from imported data files, including TIN, LandXML, grading, or corridor surfaces. … See To Create a Surface From a TIN File, To Create a New Grading Group, To Work With Creating Corridor Surfaces. Add the Data Clip boundary to the surface.

How do you create a surface boundary in Civil 3D?

To Add Boundaries to a Surface

  1. In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the surface Definition collection, right-click , and click Add.
  2. In the Add Boundaries dialog box, enter the boundary name in the Name field.
  3. Select the boundary type from the Type list.

How do you add elevation to contour lines in AutoCAD?

Location: ALL (or the Objects to be drawn) Query Mode: DRAW. Alter Properties: Elevation -> Expression -> select desired attribute from the table -> OK -> Add.

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How do you label polylines in Civil 3d?


  1. Click Annotate tab.
  2. Click the Add Labels drop down arrow.
  3. Select Line and Curve and then select Add Multiple Segment Line/Curve Labels.
  4. Select the Polyline or line.

How do you add elevation labels in Civil 3d?

To add surface spot elevation labels

  1. Click Annotate tab Labels & Tables panel Add Labels menu Surface Spot Elevation .
  2. Select the point to label.