How do you add hidden lines in Catia?

What are hidden lines and center lines?

In a scaled drawing, the hidden line can be measured from the start of the first dash, to the end of the last dash. Centre lines are drawn to indicate the exact centre of a component being drawn. They are made from a series of lighter long and short dashes.

Why hidden lines and center lines are used?

Hidden lines in a drawing represent the edges where surfaces meet but are not directly visible. Hidden lines are omitted from pictorial drawings unless they are needed to make the drawing clear.

What are the 6 types of lines?

Line is a mark made using a drawing tool or brush. There are many types of lines: thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, zigzag, diagonal, curly, curved, spiral, etc.

How are section lines shown?

Rule 1: A section lined area is always completely bounded by a visible outline. Rule 2: The section lines in all areas should be parallel. Section lines shown in opposite directions indicate a different part. Rule 3: All the visible edges behind the cutting plane should be shown.

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