How do I show construction lines in Catia?

How do I view AutoCAD file history?

How do you do a construction line?

To Work With Construction Lines

  1. Click Home tab Draw panel Construction Line. Find.
  2. Specify a point to define the root of the construction line.
  3. Specify a second point through which the construction line should pass.
  4. Continue to specify construction lines as needed. …
  5. Press Enter to end the command.

How do I hide construction lines in Catia?

To hide all construction geometry, use the “Shift” and “P” keys simultaneously.

What is the use of construction elements in Catia?

Construction elements are used to help construct your sketch, but will not be used to create features. Geometric Constraints: When active, geometric constraints will automatically be applied such as tangencies, coincidences, parallelisms, etc…

Can you hide a specification tree?

10. Is it possible to hide specification tree? Yes, with help of F3 button, but the option in Tools command must be checked to allow this.

What are construction lines Onshape?

Construction Line:- Construction geometry are sketch entities used in creating other geometry but not used in creating features. It is used for to draw new construction geometry or convert existing geometry into construction geometry.

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What is the use of construction line?

Construction lines (also known as xlines) are temporary linework entities that can be used as references when creating and positioning other objects or linework. For example, you can use construction lines to prepare multiple views of the same item, or create temporary intersections to serve as object snaps.

Can you hide construction lines in Solidworks?

You can hide or show edges in high quality (not draft quality) drawing views. (Line Format toolbar). … If you cannot select the hidden edges, click Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings and click Select hidden entities.

What is used to remove the construction lines on your drawing?

Use AMERASEALLCL to delete all construction lines from a current drawing.

How do you hide sketch lines in Creo?

You might be able to hide the sketch in the layer status.

  1. go into the layer tree.
  2. right click on layer with the sketch.
  3. hide layer.
  4. save status.
  5. check out/check in.