How do I make dimensions the same in Revit?

How do you make two dimensions the same in Revit?

To change the equality display:

  1. Select the dimension.
  2. On the Properties palette, for Equality Display, select Value, Equality Text, or Equality Formula.
  3. Click Apply.

How do you fix dimensions in Revit?

Change a Dimension Value

  1. Select an element that the dimension references.
  2. Click the dimension value. If the dimension is locked, the lock control appears next to it. …
  3. In the edit box, type a new value for the dimension, and press Enter . The element moves to satisfy the new dimension requirement.

How do you make equal spacing in Revit?

To Evenly Space Linework or Objects

  1. Select the linework, object, or block to space.
  2. Click Home tab Modify panel Align drop-down Space Evenly.

How do you copy dimension styles in Revit?

Specify Dimension Styles

  1. Click Annotate tab Dimension panel drop-down, and select one of the options.
  2. In the Type Properties dialog, select the dimension type you want to work with from the Type list.
  3. If desired, click Rename to rename the type, or click Duplicate to create a new dimension type.
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How do I change dimension in Revit?

On the Annotate ribbon, expand the Dimension panel, and click Linear Dimension Types again. Under Text, you can control the appearance of the dimension text. You can set a Width Factor, control various formatting options, control the text size and offset from the dimension line, choose the text font, and so on.

How do you create an array in Revit?

Create a Linear Array

  1. Select the elements to be copied in an array, and then click Modify | tab Modify panel (Array).
  2. Click Modify tab Modify panel (Array), select the elements to be copied in an array, and then press Enter .

Is it possible that you can use a saved dimension style to another drawing file?

Use Design Center if you want to import multiple dimension styles from another drawing or drawing template. On the DesignCenter toolbar, click Load. Navigate to the drawing, or drawing template, that contains the dimension styles you want to import and click Open. … The dimension styles are added to the current drawing.

How do you copy a dimension style?

In the source drawing, select the dimension style you want to copy. Do one of the following: Click the Copy button ( ). Right click, then choose Copy in the context menu.

What is increment snap Autocad?

As you change the zoom level in a view, snap increments change. When you zoom in, snap increments are smaller. When you zoom out, snap increments are larger. Define snap increments for dimension lengths and angles to suit your needs.

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