How do I export a live 3D home?

How do you save a house in 3D live?

To save or close a project when the 2D or 3D view is open, click the menu button and choose the corresponding command: Save, Save As or Close. You can also use the Gallery to save or close the current project.

What file format does live home 3D use?

Live Home 3D is an exception, offering this feature at an affordable price. The advantage of the Pro version is the ability to export the elevation view to an image. Supported formats are BMP, TIFF, JPEG and PNG. PDF is also possible on iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Can I convert SketchUp to OBJ?

PRO If you’re a SketchUp Pro user, you can export files in the OBJ format. Wavefront Technologies developed the OBJ file format for its Advanced Visualizer software, and over time, other 3D software developers have adopted the open OBJ format. OBJ files are text-based and support free-form and polygonal geometry.

How do I update my live 3D home?

To check for updates manually, choose Live Home 3D > Check for Updates… in the menu. In the Pro edition, use Live Home 3D Pro > Check for Updates… To check for updates automatically, select the corresponding check box in the Miscellaneous section of the program Preferences (Cmd-,).

What is Autodesk FBX?

FBX® data exchange technology is a 3D asset exchange format that facilitates higher-fidelity data exchange between 3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox and other propriety and third-party software.

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