How do I display a temporary axis in SolidWorks?

What is a temporary axis?

Temporary axes are those created implicitly by cones and cylinders in the model. You can set the default to either hide or show all temporary axes.

How do you hide axis in Solidworks?

Hiding or Showing an Individual Axis

  1. Right-click the axis in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Select Hide or Show.

How do you make a temporary axis?

Creating a Temporary Axis

  1. Click the I tem Position button.
  2. Click at the location where you want to place the temporary axis. This creates an axis at that location.
  3. Click the Change current axis button and click on the temporary axis you just created. The temporary axis can now be used as the reference axis.

How do you hide a triad in Solidworks?

To display or hide the reference triad, click Tools > Options > System Options > Display. Select or clear Display reference triad, then click OK.

How do you hide XYZ in Solidworks?

Right-click the coordinate system and click Hide or Show.

How do you hide reference geometry in Solidworks?

Right-click the plane in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree. Select Hide or Show. Individual planes always are highlighted when you select them, even when hidden.

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What is the z axis in Solidworks?

You can specify the y-axis or the z-axis as the default up orientation for views. This option changes the view orientation for standard orthogonal, named, and child views. To use this functionality, save the files in SOLIDWORKS 2020 or later.

Why is solidworks y up?

By default, the “Y” direction has always been the up-direction views in SOLIDWORKS. Bringing SOLIDWORKS models into CAM software can involve extra time and work rotating the geometry. … Usually the default up direction in these software packages is the “Z” direction.