How do I change view in Solidworks?

How do I go back to a regular view in Solidworks?

From an open model or 3D sketch, with nothing selected, press the spacebar. From the Orientation dialog box, click Normal To .

How do I change the orientation of a drawing in Solidworks?

To change the orientation of a model view:

  1. Select a view.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Orientation, select a different view orientation.

Where is the View option in Solidworks?

Click Options or Tools > Options and click View.

What is the quickest way to return to the default view solidworks?

To return all standard model views to their default settings in the Orientation dialog box:

  1. In the Orientation dialog box, click Reset Standard Views .
  2. Click Yes to confirm the update.

How do I change the view of a drawing?

Right-click and select Edit View from the menu. In the Drawing View dialog box, on the Components tab, change the options related to the source model, or any of these additional options: Change the model representations. Change the view display style.

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How do you rotate a part in Solidworks 2020?

To rotate a component with the PropertyManager: Click Rotate Component (Assembly toolbar) or Tools > Component > Rotate. The Rotate Component PropertyManager appears, and the pointer changes to . Select one or more components in the graphics area.

What type of view is commonly used to show holes?

Sachar mainly uses a third-person point of view in writing Holes .

How many types of views are there in Solidworks?

Use Section View PropertyManager. Some types of views are linked to their parent views: Detail, Section, Auxiliary, and Projected Views, for example. Projected Views (including the side and top views of Standard 3 Views) and Auxiliary Views have jumps only from the child to the parent.

How do I align a section line in Solidworks?

Click Aligned Section View on the Drawing toolbar, or click Insert, Drawing View, Aligned Section.

How do you pan in Solidworks?

Scrolls the part, assembly, or drawing in the document window. Click Pan (View toolbar) or View > Modify > Pan, then drag the pointer . Hold down Ctrl and drag.

How do I enable anti aliasing in Solidworks?

You must set the graphics card control panel settings for anti-aliasing so that the application has control. Applies anti-aliasing to the entire graphics area for parts, assemblies, and drawings. Close all SOLIDWORKS documents before you turn on or off full scene anti-aliasing.

How do I add RealView graphics to Solidworks?

Click one of the following:

  1. View Settings > RealView Graphics.
  2. RealView Graphics (View toolbar)
  3. View > Display > RealView Graphics.