How do I add surface data in Civil 3D?

How do I add a surface to an existing section view in Civil 3D?

​​​From Home ribbon click the Create Design panel, click Profile and choose Create Surface Profile. Expand and select the alignment that was used to create the initial profile view. Once alignment is selected, find and highlight the desired surface in the right Select Surfaces area. Click Add to sample this surface.

How do I add a surface in AutoCAD?

To Create a Surface by Pressing or Pulling

  1. Click Home tab Modeling panel Presspull. Find.
  2. Click an edge of 3D object, an open spline, an arc, or another 2D object that does not form a closed area. …
  3. Enter a value or click in the drawing area to indicate the height of the new surface object.

How do I add a surface to a data shortcut?

Exercise 2: Creating Data Shortcuts

  1. Click Manage tab Data Shortcuts panel Create Data Shortcuts Find. Note: …
  2. In the Create Data Shortcuts dialog box, select the following check boxes: Surfaces. …
  3. Click OK. Now that the data shortcuts have been created, the current drawing is associated with the data shortcuts project.
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How do I add a profile to a profile view in Civil 3D?

Click Profile tab Modify View panel Profile View Properties drop-down Profile View Properties Find. In the Profile View Properties dialog box, click the Profiles tab. In the tables of profiles, select the Draw check box for each profile you want to add to the profile view. Click OK.

How do you Draw a surface in profile view?

Use the Draw in Profile View option to display the profile in the drawing. Click Home tab Create Design panel Profile drop-down Create Surface Profile Find. In the Create Profile from Surface dialog box, in the Alignment list, select the horizontal alignment to use for the profile.

How do you create a surface in Civil 3D from contours?

To Add Contour Data to a Surface

  1. In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the surface Definition collection, right-click Contours, and click Add.
  2. In the Add Contour Data dialog box, enter the contour description in the Description field.

What is a surface in Civil 3D?

A surface definition is a collection of a surface build, data, and edit properties, as well as a list of the operations that you have performed on the surface. … The Definition collection under a surface in the Prospector tree provides access to the surface possible data and edit definition items.

How do I create a data shortcut folder in Civil 3D?

To set the data shortcuts folder

  1. In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, right-click Data Shortcuts and click Set Data Shortcuts Folder.
  2. In the Set Data Shortcuts dialog box, click the name of the project you want to work with.
  3. Check that the new project path is displayed on the Data Shortcuts node on the Prospector tab.
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What is data shortcut?

Data shortcuts are stored in the _Shortcuts folder for the active project and are used to create data references to the source objects in other drawings. Each data shortcut is stored in a separate XML file. In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, right-click Data Shortcuts Create Data Shortcuts.

What does promoting a data shortcut do?

Promote references to independent objects. A promoted reference becomes an independent object, and is no longer automatically updated if the original source is edited. In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the Data Shortcuts collection to see the data shortcut of interest.

How do I create a profile in Civil 3D?

To create a quick profile by selecting points

  1. Click Home tab Create Design panel Profile drop-down Quick Profile Find. …
  2. Enter p (points).
  3. In the drawing, select a point, and then a second point.
  4. Optionally, select additional points as required.
  5. Press Enter.

How do you add slope labels to a profile in Civil 3D?

To Add Surface Slope Labels

  1. Click Annotate tab Labels & Tables panel Add Labels menu Surface Slope .
  2. At the command line, enter either One-point or Two-point depending on the type of the slope label that you want to add and then press Enter . …
  3. Digitize the location of the first point and the second point (if applicable).

How do I create a profile without surface Civil 3D?

Civil 3D normally requires a surface model to be created before a profile can be created. Because the points are a single path, a surface cannot be created from them. Solution: Use Transparent commands to create a 3D Polyline from the points. Use the Quick Profile command to create a profile from the 3D Polyline.

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