Frequent question: Is C string STL?

Is string C++ STL?

Strings were not a part of this. The parts of the C++ Standard Library that were based on the SGI STL library: containers, iterators and algorithms. Still no strings.

Is string a STL container?

It is part of STL indeed. And std::string is just basic_string typedef. It is container, specialized ( not in c++ “specialization” meaning 🙂 ) for data storage with string semantics. … In what cases should I use memcpy over standard operators in C++?

What is difference between string and C string?

C-strings are simply implemented as a char array which is terminated by a null character (aka 0 ). This last part of the definition is important: all C-strings are char arrays, but not all char arrays are c-strings. C-strings of this form are called “string literals“: const char * str = “This is a string literal.

What is C type string?

A C-style string is simply an array of characters that uses a null terminator. A null terminator is a special character (‘

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