Frequent question: How do I use the trim function in SolidWorks?

What does the trim tool do in Solidworks?

The power trim tool is a favorite among SOLIDWORKS users. It’s a handy tool to cut away, trim or sketch geometry quickly.

How do you trim a 3D object in Solidworks?

To trim a 3D sketch:

  1. Start the 3D sketch on a 2D plane.
  2. Then do either of the following: Right-click and select 3D sketch on a plane. Double-click a plane or sketch entity. You can use any of the following trim options: Power trim. Corner. Trim away inside. Trim away outside. Trim to closest.

How many types of trim are in SolidWorks?

It consists of 5 different types of trim options such as Power trim, Corner, Trim away inside, Trim away outside and Trim to closest.

How do you trim in SolidWorks 2020?

To trim with the Power trim option:

  1. Right-click the sketch and select Edit Sketch.
  2. Click Trim Entities. …
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Options, select Power trim .
  4. Click in the graphics area next to the first entity, and drag across the sketch entity to trim.

How do you trim an intersecting body in SolidWorks?

Intersecting Bodies to Modify Part Geometry

  1. With the part open, click Insert > Features > Intersect .
  2. For Solids, Surfaces, or Planes, select the bodies to intersect or merge.
  3. Select Cap planar openings on surfaces to cap flat openings in surfaces.
  4. Click Intersect. …
  5. Select regions to exclude. …
  6. Select options as required:
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How do you split a surface in SolidWorks?

You can split surfaces with the Split tool.

To split a surface:

  1. Open install_dir sampleswhatsnewpartssplit. …
  2. Click Split (Mold Tools toolbar) or Insert > Features > Split.
  3. In the graphics area, select Surface-Extrude1 for Trimming Surfaces .
  4. In the PropertyManager, under Target Bodies, click Selected bodies.

What is the use of trim entities *?

Trims open sketch entities that lie inside two bounding entities. Trims open sketch entities outside of two bounding entities. You can use the Trim PropertyManager to select a trim type and control other trimming options.

How do you trim a boss Extrude in Solidworks?

To create an extruded cut: 1) Sketch the profile for cut. 2) Click Extruded Cut on the Features toolbar or select Insert, Cut, Extrude on the menu bar. 3) Under Direction 1, do the following: · Select an End Condition. Examine the preview and if necessary, click Reverse Direction to extrude in the opposite direction.