Frequent question: How do I create an isometric view in Revit?

How do I make an Axo view in Revit?


  1. Copying the default 3D view and renaming it to Axonometric view.
  2. Create a new Section of the building: Rename to Axo-section.
  3. Go to the New 3D view. …
  4. Select from View pulldown menu the “Orient” tool then “Orient to View”
  5. This is where you select the Section created “Axo-section”

What are the 3 views of isometric drawing?

As a rule, they show an object from three different views (Usually the Front, Top, & Right Side). Each of the views are drawn in 2-D (two dimensional) , and have dimensions labeling the length, width, and height of the object.

What is 2D isometric drawing?

Simulate an isometric view of a 3D object by aligning objects along three major axes. A 2D isometric drawing is a flat representation of a 3D isometric projection. This method of drawing provides a fast way to create an isometric view of a simple design.

What are the isometric drawing commands?

Commands for 2D Isometric Drawing

  • DSETTINGS (Command)
  • ELLIPSE (Command)
  • GRID (Command)
  • ISODRAFT (Command)
  • ISOPLANE (Command)
  • ORTHO (Command)
  • SNAP (Command)

How do you do an exploded view in Revit?

To begin, duplicate the default 3D view to create an exploded view. In the Project Browser, right-click the default 3D view and choose Duplicate View > Duplicate. Then right-click the copy and choose Rename. Next, name the view “Exploded View” and click OK.

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How do you create a section box in Revit?

Section Box Tool

  1. First of all select the object(s) you want to section box.
  2. Go to the Modify tab on the ribbon bar.
  3. Under the group called “View” select “Section Box”

How do I make the 3D view bigger in Revit?

As long as it is a camera view, select the view on the sheet, and in the modify tab, select “Size crop,” check the radio button “Scale” then change the width or height to suit. Thanks, Chris, it worked.