Can Fusion 360 Open EASM files?

How do I open an EASM file?

You can open EASM files in Dassault Systems eDrawings Viewer (Windows, Mac) or the mobile versions of eDrawings (iOS, Android). Both applications include tools that allow users to switch between drawing views and examine models in-depth.

What file formats can Fusion 360 Open?

File formats supported in Fusion 360

  • Solution: By file extension: *. 3dm. *. asm. *. cam360. *. CATPart. *. CATProduct. *. dwg. *. dxf. *. f3d. *. fbx. *. g. *. iam. *. ige. *. iges. *. igs. *. ipt. *. neu. *. obj. *. prt. *. sab. *. sat. *. skp. *. sldasm. *. sldprt. *. smb. *. smt. *. ste. *. step. *. …
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Can Fusion 360 read Inventor files?

Fusion 360 offers the ability to open Inventor parts (IPT) and assemblies (IAM) directly. After selecting the file the upload process begins, which you can dismiss and allow to complete in the background.

Can inventor open EASM files?

Autodesk’s Inventor can open EASM files with a free plugin while SketchUp requires a paid plugin to be able to open them. The eDrawings Viewer software has a mobile version available on both iOS and Android that can open EASM files. MySolidWorks Drive can import EASM files from Google Drive and display them online.

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What type of files can eDrawings open?

All versions of eDrawings can open eDrawings files (*. eprt, *. easm, *.

You can open the following file types:

  • SOLIDWORKS native files (. sldprt, . slddrw, . sldasm)
  • eDrawings native files (. edrw, . eprt, . easm)
  • DXF/DWG files (. dxf, . dwg)

Can I open a STEP file in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD Mechanical supports a dedicated command to translate STEP files into the DWG format. Find and select the STEP file you want to import, or enter the name of the STEP file at File Name. Click Open.

Can you transfer files from Fusion 360 to Inventor?

In Fusion 360, go to File -> Export. … iam)” as the export format. Export the assembly. Import the IAM assembly into Inventor.