Best answer: How do you pan around in Revit?

Is there a pan tool in Revit?

Use the SteeringWheels Pan tool to move the model up, down, to the left, and to the right. When the pan tool is active, the Pan cursor (a four-sided arrow) displays. Dragging the mouse moves the model in the same direction. For example, dragging upward moves the model up while dragging downward moves the model down.

Where is pan in Revit?

You can press F8 or SHIFT+W. The navigation wheel for 3D view looks slightly different than the 2D. This is my favorite method now, or maybe I just need a better mouse. If you feel the same and want pan the drawing without using the scroll button, you can use the methods above.

How do I move around in Revit?


  1. Select the elements to move.
  2. Element’s contextual tab will appear -> Modify panel -> Move.
  3. On the Options Bar, click the desired options: …
  4. Click once to enter a start point for moving.
  5. A preview image of the element appears.
  6. Move the cursor in the direction that you want the element to move.

How do I pan a camera in Revit?

Modify the Camera Position in a 3D View

  1. Open the 3D view.
  2. In the Project Browser, right-click the 3D view name, and select Show Camera. …
  3. In the Project Browser, double-click the view in which you want to modify the camera position (for example, the plan view or the elevation view).
  4. Drag the camera to move it.
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How do I pan in Revit without a mouse?

Display the 2D Navigation wheel, the Full Navigation wheel, or one of the mini wheels. Press and hold down the scroll wheel or middle button. The cursor changes to the Pan cursor.

What is Pan tool?

The Pan tool enables you to move the view vertically or horizontally, which is pretty handy when you’re zoomed in and can’t see your whole document page. Tip: While you’re using any tool, LayOut enables you to toggle to the Pan tool quickly and easily.

How do I pan in Autocad without a mouse?

This means Alt+click=middle click and Alt+drag=middle button drag (pan).

How do you move things freely in Revit?

Do one of the following:

  1. Select the elements to move, and then click Modify | tab Modify panel (Move).
  2. Click Modify tab Modify panel (Move), select the elements to move, and then press Enter .

How do you move vertically in Revit?

Some elements can move only horizontally or vertically by default; Revit provides visual cues about the way that a selected element can move. To remove this constraint, press and hold Shift while dragging the element. Conversely, some elements can move in any direction by default.

How do you move a 3D view in Revit?

In a 3D view, press shift and use the middle button to orbit the model. The center of rotation is the center of all model geometry. If you select an object and then orbit the view, the selected object is used as the center of rotation.

How do you navigate in Revit?

When working in a view, use the middle mouse button to perform navigation tasks. Press the middle mouse button to pan the view. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the view in and out. The position of the mouse pointer establishes the center of the zoom.

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