Best answer: How do I hide control points in Rhino?

How do you hide Isocurves in rhino?

In the object tab there, there is a button at the bottom called “show surface isocurve”; just toggle it and it should be gone 🙂 You can also do this for all objects from the display tab. This is the way.

How do you turn off points in Rhino 7?

Surfaces in Rhino are like a stretchy rubber sheet. Their topology is rectangular. They can be modified with control points. You can turn the control points on or off with this button , The left click means on, the right click means off.

How do you align lines in rhino?


  1. Select the objects to align, and press Enter.
  2. Specify an alignment option.
  3. At the prompt for an alignment point, pick a location, or press Enter to align based on the overall bounding box of all selected objects.

How do you add control points to a curve?


  1. Select a curve or surface.
  2. Pick a location for the control point or control point row. Inserting control points affects the shape of the curve or surface. The InsertKnot command does not change the curve or surface shape.
  3. Press Enter to complete the command.

How do you smooth surfaces in Rhino?

To smooth part of a curve or surface

  1. Select a curve, surface, or mesh to smooth.
  2. To smooth a region, turn on control points, and select the control points in the region of the object to smooth.
  3. Start the Smooth command.
  4. Click the check boxes for the coordinate directions and adjust the Smooth factor.
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How do I disable Isocurves?

To remove the surface isocurves (or perform any other operation on the properties of an object), select the object and click the rainbow colored donut button on the top toolbar. When the surface isocurves have been turned off the objects look normal and with no extra curves.