Best answer: Can you eTransmit a BIM 360 model?

How do you duplicate a model in BIM 360?

Copy a file or folder

  1. Hover over the file or folder you want to copy.
  2. Click the drop-down button > Copy .
  3. Select the Project and the folder you want to move the content into.
  4. Click Copy.

How do I publish my BIM 360 model?

Click Collaborate tab Manage Models panel (Manage Cloud Models). Select a BIM 360 project. From that project, select a model from the list and click (Publish Latest) to publish the latest version of that model. Click Publish to confirm.

How do I restore my BIM 360 model?

Recover Cloud Models with BIM 360 Document Management

  1. Open BIM 360 Document Management.
  2. Select the parent folder of the model to restore.
  3. Click (Deleted Files).
  4. Select the model to recover.
  5. Click Restore.

How do I transfer files to my BIM 360?

Open Desktop Connector and navigate to the desired project. Make sure to have two file explorer windows open. Drag and drop the new folder structure into the desired locations, from the Desktop(in one file explorer) to the location within BIM 360 using the Desktop Connector (in one file explorer window).

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How do I rename a file in BIM 360?

The first one is to click the ellipsis next to the folder name in the tree view on the left. Then click Rename, type in the new name for the folder, and click the little blue check mark.

What does publish do in BIM 360?

Click Publish Latest. When you do, a Publish dialog opens, informing you that you are about the publish the latest version of the model to BIM 360 Team. … Once the process is complete, all members of the project can access and collaborate on the latest version of the model in BIM 360 Team.

How do I package a Revit model?

On the eTransmit panel of the Add-Ins tab, click Transmit a model. Choose the model(s) to transmit: Click Browse Model, and navigate to the location of the Revit model you want to transmit. Click Browse folders, and navigate to the folder that contains the Revit models you want to transmit.

Where are BIM 360 local files saved?

The local files for ACC (or BIM 360) are stored at the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%AutodeskRevitAutodesk Revit ####CollaborationCache, where the #### is your Revit year number. If one of your users still has a file in that folder, it can be used to copy from and replace the existing Cloud Model.

Does BIM 360 save backups?

Using the Cloud

Open BIM 360 in a web browser, navigate to the folder where you want to save the backup copy, and drag and drop the file into the web browser. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the BIM360 local location, copy file to the desired backup folder, and Desktop Connector will push to BIM 360.

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How do I revert to an older version of Revit?

Start Revit. Click Collaborate tab Manage Models panel (Restore Backup). In the Browse for Folder dialog, navigate to the copy of the backup folder for the central model (created in step 2), and click Open. A dialog opens, showing the most recent versions of the RVT file.