Best answer: Can you do animation in Rhino?

How do I start Bongo in rhino?

To Start Using Bongo

From the Bongo menu or toolbar, choose Timeline or type in BongoTimeline on the command line. The Bongo Timeline appears. The Timeline can be docked at the edge of your Rhino screen or floating.

How do you animate in Bongo?

In the Bongo Animation Manager, double click on the view you want to Animate to activate it for Animation. You can also right click on the name of the view and choose Animation enabled. In the Timeline, click the Animate button. Move the Timeline Slider to the tick where you want a keyframe to be placed.

How do you make a walkthrough in rhino?


  1. Right mouse button drag.
  2. Mouse wheel.
  3. Shift + Mouse wheel.
  4. Ctrl + Right mouse button drag.
  5. Ctrl + Shift + Right mouse button drag.
  6. Shift + Right mouse button drag.
  7. Navigate in the viewports.

Can VRAY do animations?

Nevertheless, V-Ray can render object animations in SketchUp scenes when they are introduced via animated proxies (. vrscene, . vrmesh or . abc files).

What is Bongo Rhino?

Bongo™ brings professional animation into Rhino using familiar keyframe tools found in most high-end animation packages. … Easily preview your animations inside Rhino, in real time, in any shading mode by scrubbing the timeline or playing the animation. Then render straight to an animation file using any Rhino renderer.

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How do I remove Bongo from Rhino?

Remove all Bongo data from a file

  1. Type in -SaveAs on the command line.
  2. When prompt: Save file name ( Version=5 SaveSmall=No GeometryOnly=No SaveTextures=No SavePlugInData=Yes Browse ) Set SavePlugInData=No.
  3. Press Enter.