About Designer
Yi-Wen is a critical product designer, whose works are conceptually based around exploring unseen social, ethical, and environmental themes. She is also interested in devising fictional futures to critique and comment on the lived present.

She takes interest in seeing how people interact with products, and the various motivations behind their selections in merchandise. All of these experiences contribute to her artistic field of choice in product design.

As a designer, she has discovered that design is not only about its appearance and convenience, but much of it touches upon the interaction between the human and the product. The emotional connection made in user experience is just as important. Furthermore, it possesses an intuitive connection with modern living style and the spiritual side of humans.

As for the mental aspect, she believes the human mind is a form of art on its own: Our actions and the way we think are all artistic behaviors. Moreover, following the trend of society, human habits will change throughout different phases in time of modern life, as this will undoubtedly affect design. She has discovered that human behavior plays a significant role in affecting the product itself, realizing its depth of influence on mental states and its interaction between human and product.