According to the geographical location and the long-developed history of China, religions and academic thinking are to combine to form a central idea.

Chinese always say, human beings have the seven emotions and the six sensory pleasures. From Taoism inherited from ancient China, Greed, Resentment and Illusion are called Three Poisons, while to Confucianism, those three emotions and arrogance are humans’ biggest vexation. As for Buddhism, they explain those concepts as human’s hugest confusion. 
I use my productions as carriers to present the concepts.

To them, the significance of owning money is more important than anything else.
As the thorns near the slit are much shorter and smoother than those near the bottom, it is easy to throw coins in whereas it is difficult to remove.

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However, the only weakness of it is its bottom, just like a hedgehog. But can the hedgehog protect itself with the thorns forever? It is a piggy bank. Yet, how long can it defend the wealth it possesses?

He might be rough or geometrical.
No matter what, after the society’s ordeal, many of his radical personality and temper could become smooth through the experiences in his life. It is like an eraser. After numerous mistakes which he has come through, he will finally become a flawless ball.

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Maybe most of us are acting like ∞illionaires.
The action of saving change is just self-comforting. Which drawing is more meaningful, to save money or just the action?

As sociable fashion becomes popular nowadays, extravagance somewhat emerges in people’s heart. They tend to prove themselves with high-quality substances. When holding a lofty goblet, they consider themselves graceful and respectable, but forget the essence of elegance itself. The most common oriental drinking tool will certainly be a teacup.

As sociable fashion becomes popular nowadays, extravagance somewhat emerges in people’s heart. They tend to prove themselves with high-quality substances.
When holding a lofty goblet, they consider themselves graceful and respectable, but forget the essence of elegance itself. The most common oriental drinking tool will certainly be a teacup.

The conflicting appearances of teacup and goblet enhance the contradiction of human’s mentality. Does your internal quality correspond with this kind of material life?
Temporary vanity and the paradox of ego lengthen the goblet, which cause it to be unstable, just like those fakers scared of being revealed that they make up the value of themselves.

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“Smoking addiction” is one of the important habits in human being’s development. Through personal habits and observation, we can design lots of products on this topic.

For someone who wants to quit smoking, the process is painful. Especially when they see the products which are designed for smoker or for cigarette, they would like to try it.

So my concept, through the freshness, is to depict the interaction between smokers and people who try to quit smoking.

There are cigarettes with different filter in a same pack,
Which sized of filter will you pick randomly?

Smokers’ addiction,
the pain of the people who want to quit smoking.
The habit of having a cigarette during a period of time.
Filter tip silently takes back your health.
What surprised you is,
You might have different cigarette each time.

“Could you give me a cigarette?”
It is a question often asked by smokers.
This is a sharable cigarette.
When you share, you help the other to reduce their smoking amount so that the cigarette silently protects the smokers’ health.
It satisfies your sudden desire of smoking, but also reduces the burden of smoking.

When we label human’s behaviour,
they will be more cautious about what they do.
If we assign numbers to cigarettes, we integrate the whole system.
When you throw the cigarette on the road, 
we can find out who you are.
Will you still throw cigarette wherever you go?

Losing days, losing health.
Every cigarette of every day of every month of every smoker.
Living through a day of is like living through a year.
But they can gain their health back.
Enjoy the bittersweet symphony of every single day.

When we get older, we feel the time pass faster. Every hour is like counting down. Have you ever felt that before? The passing of time is the unchangeable truth, but we never use our time wisely, and this is the other issue.
I use special way to show the time. Other than satisfying the basic function, this product also arouses people to think. So people will find out the meaning has changed, after the numbers on the traditional clock go up side down.

One year, twelve months,
every month is counting down.
Every month includes around thirty days,
every day is counting down.
Every day has twenty more hours,
every hour is counting down.
Every hour has sixty minutes,
every minute is passing.

Diary helps to memorize a person's all trivia of his past, but there's only one of it which can't be copied. Meanwhile, it's also easy to lose it because there's only one of it. What if we could make copies of our memories? While copying our emotions immediately, people won't be so nervous because it's like using the computer.

What about handwriting? By trace,Is it also storable?

Memories could be long and deep as well.Trace is one of ways to leave our footstep.

While carrying a diary, the cover of it also travels with the backpack, and the things in the backpack will leave their traces on the cover of the diary.
Therefore, the traveler could write down all the conversations and his own story at the same time by trace.

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They touch and experience this world through their finger point. The blind people play in the role of listeners in this world.

In order to let them know more about the worlds we see, I combined the fundamental feature of braille to service design. It's a carrier that could allow the blind people to actually feel the time of waiting the traffic light and crossing the street safely, which also solve the problem of residents complaining about the beep sounds of traffic light for the blind. This device could quietly guard their safety.

Most of the blind people are not rich in their daily life and they can not afford themselves through own job.
Therefore, I think that public facilities need to be improved for people who live in the obscure world.

Sign of Traffic Light

After a unit of time, the timer will automatically move forward in clockwise direction.
When the top bump becomes parallel to the bump on the second, they could cross the street.

The blind spots on the ground allow them to notice that there is such equipment in the place.
Using the principle of the electronic-sensor controlling to connect the host computer and using the motor principle to make the timer spin.

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Sign of Direction

Walking on the street, the blind people needs to know the direction. Placing the stickers of directions on safe electric poles and make marks on the ground could remind them that there`s a landmark in the place within 1m. The stickers could be put in every place and it`s also affordable.

Sign of Toilet

The blind people also need to find the toilet when they are outside. It might be difficult to a normal person to do this, not to mention a blind person. This is an index sticker of public toilets. Putting the stickers of directions under it or on some public properties, or to hint it with the blind spots on the ground.

Can people change the size of a product to adapt to their needs?
Scarf is usually an item made of straight knitting to be used by people. If we separate it into sections, can we easily utilize it when going out as if the napkins in the kitchen with a draw?

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There is a tearing dotted line in the middle of two sections to facilitate the mechanical cutting for people.It also can be torn by yourself.
The materials of the scarf will be PET non-woven fabric which is tender as well as eco-friendly, with recycled polyester inside.

The cost of the roller scarf is cheap and it can be recycled so that the price would be affordable for the consumers to meet their temporary requirements.
And then,Nowadays, the consuming patterns become electronic, and many cities would be covered with Wi-Fi over a vast area.

So the proposal is improved. The vending machine connect with the Wi-Fi.
I wonder if people can use application programs on their smart phones to search for the nearest vending machine, so that the purchase way can be easier, and also the machine’s appearance can be simpler.

Here are the front view and the detail of the door below where to take the scarves out of the machine.
When you choice the length on your smartphone, the machine will intersect by cutting knife inside the vending Machine.

The series of product is my first project during my designing curriculums.Taking the advantage of the feature of the material to change the use of medium. Silicone is a very flexible plastic. In our daily life, some humanized products are always born because of some habits of ours such as cleanness. To combine some of the features of the product and make a little change.

Tumbler is a toy for children. It entertains children and it could also solve some problems caused by our habits. For example, when mother is occupied in the kitchen, it is very often that she'll spill the soy sauce bottle. The interior structure of the tumbler could solve this kind of problems.

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There's a rotatable cap at the bottom. Due to the fact that molecular of oil is bigger than water, the oil won't spill out when the container is upside down.
Just whirl the cap then you could use it. The port is so small that only when you squeeze it then the oil will come out. Also, because of the pressure, the liquid won't be easily to seep.

A Cup
For travelers who always need toiletries when travelling, silicone could wrap the tooth brush and tooth paste; besides, it could also become a rinsing mug. With a good use of the material, there won't be problems of weight or other problems like slit caused by squeezing.

Scroll down from the top of the slit until the length you need, it could become a convenient cup.
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Cup is the necessity in daily lives.
War is something that happens in the past times.
The coming of a peaceful world makes human beings feel comforted.
Nevertheless, interpersonal quarrels and conflicts never stop. They may still disguise as daily necessities in our lives.